Join Me for the Holiday Sweat Challenge!


Join me for the 2015 Holiday Sweat Challenge! What is the #HolidaySweat challenge and why join me?

It is an 8-week challenge beginning next week on November 8th, with workouts, prizes and an amazing community of support! By signing up, you’ll receive a weekly email with the workout focus of the week and goals, prizes, website to log workouts and a very cool Facebook group for that extra motivation.

This challenge is co-hosted by RunToTheFinish and Sweat Pink. I’m a new #SweatPink ambassador, so I am already signed up and am excited for this challenge! It will be a great way to stay accountable with cold, freezing temps in the Midwest, and as an added bonus, maybe I’ll stay in my skinny jeans after the holidays 🙂 You should join me so we can help motivate each other and stay accountable. Also, I figure this will be a good jump start to my wonderful winter #marathontraining .

Click here for all the details and to sign up!

Thanks to RunToTheFinish and Sweat Pink for hosting this fun, awesome and exciting holiday challenge! Stay connected with me on Twitter and Instagram as I sweat my way through 8 weeks of holiday fun.


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